Date Valet Dating Tips: Dating w/food restrictions
First off, if you are a self-proclaimed foodie, end this quickly. It’s not about being snobbish or intolerable. It’s about understanding that lifestyle differences are hard to overcome. Not to mention, there are dozens of foodies in New York City looking for love. Of course, if you know this is your soul mate. Then by all means, keep the party going. And feel free to challenge the Date Valet to plan an awesome date activity for both of you.

For those of you who are not foodies, but like to eat whatever you want, dating someone with food allergies or diet restrictions can be tough. Here are a few dating tips:

1.     Be respectful. If your date is trying to lose weight or adhere to doctor’s orders, don’t belittle their efforts. In fact, trying to accommodate their needs will probably win you brownie points. And if your date avoids certain foods for religious reasons, do not, under any circumstances attempt persuading him or her to violate their beliefs. Even joking about it should be done with extreme caution.

2.     Keep a list. It may sound like a bit much. But it communicates to the person you are dating that their needs are important to you. So when you select a restaurant, consult your list. What you don’t want is to go to a restaurant with only two choices for your date.

3.     Avoid making him or her feel guilty. If dating this person is going to be a problem, then do not date them. That is the mature option as opposed to complaining every time you have to share a meal.

These days it’s just as easy to find someone who eats everything as someone who is very selective. Be prepared with this list, so that no food restriction prevents you from a date of good food and good times.

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