Dating Tips: Proper way to order wine date & bar tips
If there’s one thing men dread the most about taking a date to a romantic restaurant, its having to choose the wine. The waiter approaches, expecting you to know exactly what each wine is on their elaborate list. If you aren’t a wine connoisseur then this can cause a little panic. If you’ve never ordered wine from an upscale restaurant before then you should definitely prepare yourself. With a little preparation a restaurant and fine wine is a great date idea. 
The Wine Ordering Process

The waiter comes over, takes your wine order and returns with two glasses and a bottle. At this point you would expect them to pour the wine and leave. That isn’t what happens. Instead they pour the tiniest amount of wine into your glass and stand waiting for you to try it. It is at this point you can easily make a mistake. The wine ordering process is definitely not a simple one if you aren’t a wine expert! If you are considering taking your date to any of the romantic restaurants NYC has to offer, you might want to get prepared.

Three Tips to help you Through

Gwendolyn Osborn, Director of Education and Content at, offers a few tips to avoid looking clueless in front of your date.  

Tip #1: Do your Research

The very first thing you should do is research the different wines available. In the world of smartphones and Google, many restaurants now provide online wine menus. Once you know where you are taking your date, you can peruse their wine list to get a good idea of what you can order. You can look at the price list as well as the flavors available.

Tip #2: Ask for Recommendations

The sommeliers are there to help you. While you should never ask them which wine you should actually order, you can do it in a discreet way. For example, you could tell them that you prefer crisp, dry white wines and ask which ones they recommend from the menu. You’ll typically find the sommelier is more than happy to talk about their range available.

If price is something you’re worried about you can alert the sommelier to this very subtly. Hold up your menu so that your date can’t see and say “I’m thinking something along the lines of this” and point to the price instead of the actual wine. They will usually take the hint and recommend wines that fit in with your price range. Another advantage to having a recommended wine is you know it will taste good. When thinking about NYC date ideas, you always want to make a great impression. Good tasting wine will definitely help with this!

Tip #3: Order Glasses not Bottles

It can be a good idea to try different wines. If you order by the glass, you won’t run the risk of getting stuck with a wine you don’t like. It also gives you the benefit of tasting different flavors, as well as providing good conversation as you compare the wines with your date.

These are just three tips to help make your wine ordering experience a little less intimidating. All good romantic restaurants in NYC have at least five wines on their list to choose from and some will have many more.

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