Dating Tips: Know your cocktails NYC dating tips
Cocktails have really boosted in popularity in the last decade. All of the best NY date ideas involve at least one cocktail. If you head to the Ward III cocktail lounge in TriBeCa, you could even have your own cocktail created.
The Bespoke Cocktail List

Underneath the Bespoke Cocktail List, there are a number of subheadings such as “texture,” “fruit,” “spice,” and “flavor.” Simply tick the ingredients you want in your cocktail and hand it to the bartender. They will then add other ingredients that they think will go well together. If you do take your date to this bar, it’s highly recommended you try this out. What could be more romantic than creating your own cocktail together? This is a great date tip and it guarantees you a fantastic night.

Some of the ingredients may sound a little too weird for a cocktail. However, you’d be surprised by how well they can work. It is the spice section that tends to be the weirdest. You’ll find ingredients such as garlic, rosemary and cardamom. The thought of these in a cocktail isn’t worth thinking about. Though if you trust the bartender they might just surprise you with what they come up with. If nothing else it will be something you and your date can laugh about afterwards.

The unique mix of interaction, customization and the friendly atmosphere makes Ward III one of the best cocktail bars in New York. Don’t delay; arrange a date now and show them a great night that they’ll never forget! 

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