One of the great things about dating in New York City is that every night you can to see some of the best up and coming artists.  Brianna Thomas is such a treat. Her mastery of jazz standards provides a great introduction to the genre.  Most people are surprised how fresh the classics can sound coming from such a young and vibrant voice.

Performances by such artists are always great date ideas. Not only do you get to discover new music with your date, you also get a supporting cast. At the show, you get to experience a fun and romantic performance without having the pressure of maintaining the conversation throughout the evening.

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Just because your friend gives you advice, doesn't mean that you should follow it. There are some tips you receive, they need to go in one ear and out the other. Here are three things the Date Valet hates to hear people say about dating:

1. Be Open: What does that really mean? Open to whom? Vampires with values? Open to what? Weird dating habits? Better advice is to be polite to anyone who asks you out. You may not get a date, but you could get a friend. Thereby widening your circle and bringing new dating opportunities into your world.  

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Spice up your brunch routine by sprinkling a little murder mystery on your Sunday afternoon.  The Live In Theater production of the Lombardi case puts you and your date right in the action. This fully interactive experience.  Acting as rookie police officers, you and your date get to roam around the Lowe East side questioning suspects and engaging some fantastic actors.  Can you rise to challenge and help solve real unsolved historical murders?   

Theater is always a good and fun date idea but interactive theater is simply a great and fun date idea ...

Every year the MET costume institute puts on a show who's opening night gala brings out all types of celebrities and big money types. The shows themselves tend to be pretty interesting an represent great a great summer date idea. From the MET you can have a picnic in the park, rent a bike, or go to one of the many restaurants in the neighborhood. Be sure to call The Date Valet for a perfect date plan. This year's show...

Manhattanhedge: The Perfect Date Idea in NYC this Friday
Every couple of years the sunset aligns perfectly with the street grid in NYC creating some amazing vistas.  The next Manhattanhedge is this Friday July 12th at 8:23 p.m.  There will also be a "half-sun" effect on Saturday if you cannot make it on Friday.  This phenomenon makes for a great date idea. The key spots for viewing are on the major Crosstown streets towards the east side - 14th, 23rd, 34th. 42nd, 57th, and several streets adjacent to them. If you go on 34th or 42nd ...

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The Craft Beer Jam is a series of beer tasting and music combos that bring together lovers of beer and music.  The combination of beer, discussion, and music make this a perfect date idea for those that have been dating a while and are into trying new things.

The Greene Space will be hosting an evening of beer-focused talks and consumption hosted by  Jimmy Carbone, owner of Jimmy’s 43, host of the internet radio show "Beer Sessions Radio" and co-founder of The Good Beer Seal.

Concert Dating Ideas
July is upon us!  By now you should be well into the swing of your outdoor activities taking advantage of all New York has to offer.  Summer gives you the perfect opportunity to change your dating routines.  So, leave the bar scene for the fall and winter months and explore different activities occurring in your city that do not revolve around the perfect Martini. Outdoor concerts and festivals are great summer, fun date ideas.  You can in turn use them as a jump off point to a great night out or plan a full day of activities surrounding a show or festival. 

Date Valet Dating Tip: 8 was to get asked out on a date
Although the Date Valet primarily concerns its self on providing date ideas and date plans to our clients, we most certainly want to help NYC get more dates. Here are some dating tips that will help you get more dates. (once you do that be sure to call us to set up some amazing dates for you)

1. Do the asking. Everyone loves being asked out on a date. But if you find yourself in a forced dating hiatus, asking the guy from the gym or the girl at the coffee shop is one way to change it up. (Ladies: If you are beholden to the tradition of men asking women out, fine. Be that way. Just know that this policy invalidates you from complaining about lonely nights at home.)

2. Say yes. Dating for fun is different than dating for marriage. (The clarification will appear in a future blog.) If you want to get back into the dating game, say yes when asked. Refuse to put pressure on yourself and enjoy your date night. Doing so will put you back in the mix and signal to the universe that you are open to opportunities.

3. Make blind date requests. We send out emails asking friends and family to help us find apartments, jobs, cars – why not dates. The beauty of this is that you can determine who is on the distribution list, thereby influencing your blind date options.

Date Valet Dating Tip: how to combat tardiness with great date ideas
Well, being late to a date, especially a first date, is rarely okay. But there are times when it is tolerable and understandable. People are usually late for two reasons: 1) ego or 2) disrespect.

For most of us, it’s the former. We think we can get ready in 20 minutes when really that’s just enough time for our routine shower. We know we can catch a train as soon as we hit the platform, when the truth is we have no clue if the train will arrive on time. We often underestimate the time needed to get dressed or travel. Or we overestimate our ability to move quickly. In those instances, it’s understandable for your date to be late. And if they admit their estimation weakness, it’s certainly tolerable. You can factor that in to future dates.