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Date Valet Dating Tips: Dating w/food restrictions
First off, if you are a self-proclaimed foodie, end this quickly. It’s not about being snobbish or intolerable. It’s about understanding that lifestyle differences are hard to overcome. Not to mention, there are dozens of foodies in New York City looking for love. Of course, if you know this is your soul mate. Then by all means, keep the party going. And feel free to challenge the Date Valet to plan an awesome date activity for both of you.

For those of you who are not foodies, but like to eat whatever you want, dating someone with food allergies or diet restrictions can be tough. Here are a few dating tips:

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Great idea for a Date for you Music Lovers
The first day of summer is here!  Take this opportunity to plan an evening date that takes advantage of the great weather and summer fun festivities happening around this great city.

“Make Music New York” is a free annual musical celebration of free concerts all over the city and a fantastic date idea! The festival is also is a great way to take in an outdoor concert performance and enjoy the great weather as well. 

The majority of these musical performances are held in the proximate vicinity of bar/restaurants or inside their event spaces.  On the “Make Music New York website you can search by neighborhood and it would give you a listing of musical events occurring in that area and their respective times.  An example of this would be performances held at Malt & Mold Bar in the Lower East Side.  Enjoy a great drink while you and your date also take in the sounds of NYC's burgeoning music talent. 

Date Valet Dating Tips to NYC Interboro Dating
“How tough can interboro dating be?”, says the New Yorker who has always dated someone within 5 stops of their apartment. The shrewd New Yorker is also aware of the dating difficulties that arises when dating someone who lives in a neighboring borough, or worse in some part of the deceivingly far “tri-state area.” It can put a strain on the relationship, complicate weekend plans and be the source of countless “heated debates.”

So before you agree to start a dating spree with a person who lives 45 minutes in the opposite direction of you, consider these four keys to interboro dating:

Summer is here! but it also means collective Game of Thrones withdrawal syndrome (GOTWS).  No worries Emilia Clarke aka Khaleesi is here to give you a quick dose of that magic to hold us over the summer.  She dispenses some good advice for men who want to take her and her alter ego out on a first date  ...

Date Valet NYC Date Idea: Brooklyn Concerts & Summer Festivals
It’s hard to believe summer in NYC is here.  The weather of late has been less than favorable but that should not dampen your spirits to all there is to do and see in NYC.  

Summer concerts are a great and fun date idea especially for your first and second dates. A outdoor show gives you the opportunity to hang out together without having to hold a conversation - a very important thing during those first awkward exchanges.  If you have been dating a while,  you can also plan a picnic on your date or pair the concert with a romantic restaurant or bar.