Second Date Tips, NYC Dating Tips from Date Valet
Did sparks fly when you were on a date? Yes? Good! Chances are that you also got your partner to agree on a second date. No? Here is what you should do on your next date to score a second one.  It doesn't matter if you think that your date is amazing. What you should be worried about is whether she thinks the same way about you. 

1. Ask Questions

Not to be confused with an interrogation but try to learn more about her. The more you ask her about herself, the more will she be into you. Ask her where she grew up, what she does in her free time and what her favorite Care Bear was. Just make sure that you stay away from boring questions like how many siblings she has when you are on a date in a romantic restaurant in NYC. 

Dating Tips: Know your cocktails NYC dating tips
Cocktails have really boosted in popularity in the last decade. All of the best NY date ideas involve at least one cocktail. If you head to the Ward III cocktail lounge in TriBeCa, you could even have your own cocktail created.