Making Plans With People In many of the other articles in this section I say one of the keys to getting a social life together for yourself is to take the initiative to hang out with potential friends, instead of passively waiting for people to invite you out. To do that you've got to organize a plan with them. Sometimes this is very simple and straightforward. At other times it's more of a hassle to coordinate. If you can get the hang of setting up plans with people though, it can allow you to very actively take charge of your social situation. Rather than waiting for whatever comes along, you can step up and arrange the kinds of outings you'd like. You don't have to wait for ideas to occur to other people first. If you want to go to a certain event with your friends, or just see them more often, you can make it happen. If you get along great with your coworkers, but no one ever sees each other outside of work, you can be the one to set something up.

I've noticed the idea of actively coordinating plans is strong enough that even people who don't have particularly outstanding personalities often have busy social lives, just because they're constantly arranging one outing or another. Meanwhile, someone who is technically more fun or interesting than they are, but more lazy about making plans, may not get to go out as much as they'd like.

Making plans isn't super hard, but it does take some work. Here's what I've learned:

Different ways of making plans If you look at how people naturally make plans with their friends you'll notice there are a few main ways they do it.

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