Dating Tips and First Date Ideas in NYC
There is nothing like being on a date. The champagne is sitting on ice beside you while your date gazes back at you at the opposite end of the table. There is nothing that can go wrong. That is, unless you didn't use The Date Valet to help plan your date at a romantic restaurant in NYC. 

Maybe your date doesn't like dinner and a movie. Maybe she wants to skip the movie altogether and walk with you through a park. The fact is, the classic dinner and a movie scenario shouldn't be in any guy's first date repertoire. Remember, paying attention to your date's interests and personality will be sure to win you brownie points especially if you take her to a place that you know she would like. Here are some fun dating ideas that you could try out:

Date Valet Dating Tips: Be Socially Aware
"The Psychology of Social Proof," written by Jamie Bardwell from, "The Professional Wingman,"  talks about the concepts of social proof and how they can be applied to the dating scene. Have you ever wanted to know just how attractive you are to people? “Social Proof” is a psychological principle, which can help you to boost your attractiveness to others. You will notice an increase in the amount of women you attract. So just what is social proof and how can you use it to your advantage?

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Check out these propaganda posters entitled "I Want You….To Put Away Your Smartphone: Propaganda Posters for the Modern Age," brought to you by Brett & Kate McKay. During the early parts of the 1900s propaganda posters were popular instruments for encouraging good behavior and "rousing wartime sacrifice," to name a few. 

They bring up a good point that has got us at The Date Valet pretty upset. People need to learn proper date etiquette and put that smartphone away. Nothing says you are not interesting, I don't care to learn about you, or listen to you then to stay on your smartphone throughout the duration of your date. It is rude and disrespectful. So please people, when you are on a date, be mindful of your behavior and put your cell phone away for a couple of hours.  

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Date Tips: Keys to a First Date and Dating Tips for NYC
A dinner for two is a default for a first date. But the fact remains, its boring and piles on an unbelievable amount of pressure on the woman you're with. In fact, what most love gurus and date ideas won't tell you is that the overused dinner date idea:

  • Expects the girl you are asking on a date to take some time off from her schedule during which she will probably feel that she is being cornered into being in a situation that she would rather not be in.

  • Expects an obligation for you to pay $30 or more for a plate for the dates that might follow. 

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Have you ever heard the term “zoning?” If not then Kelly Anderson’s new film “My Brooklyn” could make for an interesting watch. She shows just how much of an impact zoning has on an area and specifically, how it has changed Downtown Brooklyn in recent years. If you’re looking for a NYC date idea, this could be the perfect option.

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